Friday, May 24, 2013

Why we're revealing the gender of our baby after all.

RJ and I are not fun-faces-when-we-get-a-surprise kind of people. So we've never done the whole gender reveal party thing. But in a world where most of our friends do, a text to reveal the gender of our fourth child seemed a little underwhelming. We decided it would be much more fun for our friends and family to be surprised at the birth, the old fashioned way.

But the other day I had a change of heart. Our last baby, Lucy, was still born at 36 weeks, and the love and support for her were overwhelming. It was as if everyone already knew her. As much as I felt we had been robbed of her life, the most important thing I clung to was the time we had indeed shared. I realized that, come what may, I didn't want to keep our friends and family from the opportunity to love and dream of this baby, even now. So we are happy to announce...

Oscar Pax Barnett
  will be joining a family near you, September 2013!