Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grand Reopening Party: You're Invited!

Product Distinctives

A friend asked what makes our diapers great and unique. These are the product descriptions I have typed up for our system that will be going up in the shop in a few days, but I thought I would post them here first.

At Diaper Circus doing the right thing for your baby, your budget, and your planet is fun with beautiful designer prints, vibrant hand dyed bamboo velour, simple care routines, and a great fit.. I want your baby to be wearing something really special. Diaper Circus began because I believed I could make a better diaper than anything I could buy, and I still believe that our diaper is the best. I believe you will find in our products a fit you never thought possible with popular commercial diapering brands, a no hassle system that takes the stress out of cloth diapering, and a beautiful garment that demonstrates the love and care you put into meeting your baby's needs.

Bamboo Easy-Fold

This is a plain and simple diaper in the very highest quality of fabrics. Organic bamboo fleece is naturally sustainable, silky soft, and extra absorbent. Two layers of heavy fleece wash and dry thoroughly, but fold in thirds for 6 layers of absorbency that fit perfectly in to Diaper Circus waterproof covers. Stitched in fold lines make stuffing a breeze. Two sizes will fit most babies from birth to potty learning.

Small, 11x13", 7-18 lbs
Large, 14x15", 11-36 lbs

Waterproof Diaper Covers

Designer cotton print on the outside, and wipe clean PUL on the inside. Even babies deserve good design. We pair bright, beautiful patterns with colorful matching PUL. No washed out pastels, or cheesy themes.

Hand dyed organic bamboo velour on the outside, and wipe clean PUL on the inside. This cover combines squishy softness with rich delicious color. Semi-solids match more outfits than a print, and add a little luxury to your diaper stash.

Our covers have elastic across the front for boys, skinny babies, and tummy sleepers. This sits under the belly, instead of at the belly button for a more comfortable fit, less skin exposed to wetness, and no rubbing a newborn's umbilical cord stump. Our angled pattern design requires less bulk to hold the same insert on the same size baby. Two sizes will fit most babies from birth to potty learning.

Small, 7-18 lbs, 10-18" waist, 4-10" leg, 14" rise
Large, 11-36 lbs, 13-20" waist, 8-15" leg, 18" rise

Turned and Topstitched covers with cased elastic mean that only wipe clean fabric is on the inside of your diaper cover. Easier to clean cover have fewer stains, and do not have to be washed as often. That means you don't need to buy as many!

Snaps are arranged with studs on one side and sockets on the other. This allows you to roll the diaper up to contain messes, and uses snap parts evenly which saves you money. Choose snaps for low maintenance laundering. Snaps don't stick to things in the wash, or get filled with lint.

Hook and loop have laundry tabs to avoid sticking together in the wash, and soft loop fabric on the tummy which is more flexible than tape. Choose hook and loop for an easy fit at change time. Hook and loop sticks exactly where you need it to, instead of at set increments.

Friday, March 30, 2012

keeping me humble

I've been absentee on here for a while. There comes a point where enjoying the beautiful things in your life means you don't have time to write about them. The same goes for enduring the tragic.

However, as we do our best to reopen the shop, and build our business, after losing Lucy, I should be posting on here a little more regularly.

This is what's happening today:

When my boys break out in a rash, all it takes to start clearing it up is wearing disposable diapers for a while. This is infuriating. Both boys had rashes at bed time Wednesday. Yesterday morning, after sleeping in disposables, they woke up looking much better, so they wore cloth for the day, as usual, but by evening they were fried again.

Now, all the time on there are threads where a mom says she is using disposables for one reason or another, and the community tells her, don't feel guilty for using disposables, the whole point is to do what's best for your family and your baby, etc. But it's a lot different when it's you. It's different when you are always telling people how cloth is best. It's different when you are attempting to make a living based on the concept that cloth is best.

I feel like a hypocrite.

Now, I know that a lot of people use cloth because their baby breaks out every time they are in a disposable diaper. I know there are a lot of other reasons cloth is best. We use cloth all of the time, and only have rashes on occasion. We spend extra on special brands of disposables that don't have the bad chemicals in most disposables.

I know that I am not lying when I say cloth is best, but maybe God gave me the boys he did, who's bottoms heal when they are wearing disposable diapers, just to help me say that humbly, just so I'll leave room for everyone's individual situation when I do.