Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cloth Wipes- Too Simple

I feel almost silly posting about cloth wipes since our method is so simple, but maybe it will help. I put this off for so long, because of the expense and the plethora of methods and solutions.

If you are using cloth diapers there is no reason to put off using cloth wipes!

In order to save some money, since name brand cloth wipes run about a dollar a piece, I tried sewing my own according to all of the different versions, terry+terry two sided, terry+flannel two sided, flannel+flannel two sided. I learned that flannel will really not get anything off a baby's bottom, and more importantly I realized I didn't like them in two layers at all. It was too thick to get in all those little baby crevices, and just kind of awkward to handle at all.

What I really wanted was just one layer of terry, but my machine doesn't serge, and the little edges would shed threads all over the boys' bottoms. It seemed silly and tedious to hem dozens of one layer wipes, and what they were was basically baby wash cloths anyway. So I went on line and ordered baby wash cloths. I could have gotten them at the store, but they weren't any cheaper, they came in small packages, and I got free shipping ordering them with some other things I was getting on Amazon.

So we fold them in half in our old wipes box (Parent's Choice from WalMart is my favorite box because the opening is really big).

As for wipes solution, I thought it seemed rather silly to pay as much as they all seem to cost, and most of the recipes included essential oils I would have to order online and pay for shipping. It didn't seem like it should have to be complicated at all. The simplest I saw was to add Witch Hazel to water, which would soothe baby's skin and keep the water from getting musty. We did that first, but I hate the smell. Then I read that your water won't get musty if you use boiled water. Perfect since there's always a little left on the stove from making tea or coffee anyway. I just pour 3/4" or so in the bottom, set the wipes in it and squish down to soak it up, then pour in more and flip them over. If a wipe is too wet, I wring it out.

We only wet as many at a time as we use in a couple of days anyway.

So it's that simple; baby wash cloths and plain water.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Covers on Hyena Cart

Here are a few covers I want to try:

I like the look of Monkey Bunns Pattern (long wings finally!), but she has very limited color selection and only white FOE. What do you think? They are 3 for $25.

Also Squeezie Cheeks make a couple of different patterns I would like to try in cute colors/patterns, and inserts to match. So these would be like all in twos, in popular patterns designed for chubby legged babies. If I like them I can buy the patterns myself. They have short tabs, which aren't as cute, but they are still supposed to fit chubby thighs.

I want a fatty cakes cover in chocolate with blue dots, and a la di da cover in lime. Prints are $12 and Solids are $10. Inserts are $6.75.

Diaper Covers, am I too picky for my own good?

I have not tried a diaper cover I really like. Meanwhile after dozens on failed homemade projects we are constantly short, and Julian is always leaking.

gDiapers-leaked every time, pop on three different pieces, didn't hold up well at all.

flip/econobum- one size means they don't fit either boy very well. I like the stretch, and the colors, but I hate all the dumb snaps in the front.

nylon pants- when you pull them off the wet diaper is still pinned on and the wet back of their bum is laying on some surface. unless you have elastic in the legs of the diaper there is now poop everywhere.

dappi- tabs are very weird, cotton knit wicks too easily, wide back makes Efrim have a huge butt.

bummis super brite- can never make it fit well, the loop tape feels plastic-y, runs very large, gussets just look silly and are so unnecessary if you make a diaper that fits well in the first place.

homemade nylon- quits being waterproof after drying, pin holes don't reseal, wicks to cotton outer around the legs.

fleece homemade- doesn't wipe clean so it may as well be an all-in-one, have to wash every time, quite bulky.

pul homemade- they've outgrown all of these and the shipping on pul is outrageous. still wick to cotton a little.

brands I haven't tried- organic caboose and loveybums are fleece or wool, so they don't wipe clean, I would need a dozen for each boy. AMP AI2 lined with microfleece, again doesn't wipe clean. Brookiellen, Zookies, or OliveJanes on Etsy might be okay, but all have short tabs and fold over elastic. These are negotiable points since they are mostly aesthetic.

Chelory wipe-able all-in-twos are being made, I don't know about short tabs fitting chubby legged boys without being to long in the rise, but we'll see. Hers are the closest I've seen to what I want. Can't wait till they arrive. Maybe if I love them I could convince her to make longer tabs on another custom. They are only $14, which is pretty unbeatable for WAHM.

My ideal cover- bright solid knit, simple abstract prints, or pastel flannel outer; long overlapping tabs like kissaluvs marvels fitteds or loveybums; truly wipe clean and non-wicking hopefully without the use of fold over elastic; sized or adjustable leg elastic.

Is that too much to ask?

Being able to sew is a double edged sword because it means I can make things just like I want, but then it is hard to settle for less than perfect when I don't have time to sew.

Prefold Diapers

Prefold Diapers are a great place to start for beginners, since they are so inexpensive, hold up well in the wash, and if you just tri-fold them in a cover are very easy to use.

This is my experience with several different types:

These are the first we used. Everyone says they are not good enough to actually use as diapers, but they were absorbent enough for Efrim up to about 5 mos. They are 10 for $10 at WalMart, and stay soft after a lot of washing (we only had ten most of this time).

First I ordered the regulars (12 for $6.99). These are 2x4x2, so they are of course totally useless as a diaper. I made burp rags for my sister in law with them. Next I tried the extra absorbent ones because they are still only $7.99/dz. They worked well for Efrim until he started wetting more when my milk came in for Julian, but I would not recommend them for naps, overnight, or heavy wetters. Also they got really rough after about 2 months, but if you used fleece liners or something this wouldn't matter, and they are very trim.

Chinese Diaper Service Quality-
What a difference DSQ makes! has the best price I can find on these ($24/dz for premium). We ordered even ordered regulars by mistake, which are 4x6x4 instead of 4x8x4, and they have worked great. These are my first choice for Julian. They are so soft and trim, and last him about 3 hrs in the day time, and 4 or 5 at night.

Indian DSQ-
Many sites have their own version of these, and most moms swear by Clotheez, from I do like Clotheez, but I prefer Imagine, from because they are a bit cheaper, about an inch shorter (so they fit in all of Efrim's covers without folding over), and I actually think they a just a little bit softer. Either are good. I got organic, and they are my first choice for Efrim. Clotheez are $30/dz for organic mediums, and Imagine are $24/dz.

Econobum (One Size)-
I got 3 dozen of these as seconds for a very good price. If you order them in the kit they are about $1 a piece. They are crazy absorbent. I'm just not very big on one size. In medium and large covers Efrim still has to wear them sideways to fit the cover, so it is really bulky between his legs. Julian has some I trimmed the third section off, and while they are the same dimensions folded as the Chinese DSQ they are so much thicker. Also after about 6 months they are no longer very soft.

Fleece or Terry-
I would love to try some Bamboo or Hemp Fleece or Terry prefolds, since they take fewer layers for the same absorbency and the jersey is just so soft, but at $6-8 each it may be a while before I get some. Eventually though I'm going to order a bamboo 4 pack from Mandi's Menagerie on and will get a few hemp 3 layers from AMP whenever I get to try one of their duo pockets.

I trim all of my prefolds to fit lengthwise in a cover. If you use a wrap cover there is just no reason to bother with pinning, and I am not a big fan of the mess with pull on covers.

Hope this helps! Stay tuned for more cloth diaper how-to posts coming up.