Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diaper Covers, am I too picky for my own good?

I have not tried a diaper cover I really like. Meanwhile after dozens on failed homemade projects we are constantly short, and Julian is always leaking.

gDiapers-leaked every time, pop on three different pieces, didn't hold up well at all.

flip/econobum- one size means they don't fit either boy very well. I like the stretch, and the colors, but I hate all the dumb snaps in the front.

nylon pants- when you pull them off the wet diaper is still pinned on and the wet back of their bum is laying on some surface. unless you have elastic in the legs of the diaper there is now poop everywhere.

dappi- tabs are very weird, cotton knit wicks too easily, wide back makes Efrim have a huge butt.

bummis super brite- can never make it fit well, the loop tape feels plastic-y, runs very large, gussets just look silly and are so unnecessary if you make a diaper that fits well in the first place.

homemade nylon- quits being waterproof after drying, pin holes don't reseal, wicks to cotton outer around the legs.

fleece homemade- doesn't wipe clean so it may as well be an all-in-one, have to wash every time, quite bulky.

pul homemade- they've outgrown all of these and the shipping on pul is outrageous. still wick to cotton a little.

brands I haven't tried- organic caboose and loveybums are fleece or wool, so they don't wipe clean, I would need a dozen for each boy. AMP AI2 lined with microfleece, again doesn't wipe clean. Brookiellen, Zookies, or OliveJanes on Etsy might be okay, but all have short tabs and fold over elastic. These are negotiable points since they are mostly aesthetic.

Chelory wipe-able all-in-twos are being made, I don't know about short tabs fitting chubby legged boys without being to long in the rise, but we'll see. Hers are the closest I've seen to what I want. Can't wait till they arrive. Maybe if I love them I could convince her to make longer tabs on another custom. They are only $14, which is pretty unbeatable for WAHM.

My ideal cover- bright solid knit, simple abstract prints, or pastel flannel outer; long overlapping tabs like kissaluvs marvels fitteds or loveybums; truly wipe clean and non-wicking hopefully without the use of fold over elastic; sized or adjustable leg elastic.

Is that too much to ask?

Being able to sew is a double edged sword because it means I can make things just like I want, but then it is hard to settle for less than perfect when I don't have time to sew.

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