Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cloth Wipes- Too Simple

I feel almost silly posting about cloth wipes since our method is so simple, but maybe it will help. I put this off for so long, because of the expense and the plethora of methods and solutions.

If you are using cloth diapers there is no reason to put off using cloth wipes!

In order to save some money, since name brand cloth wipes run about a dollar a piece, I tried sewing my own according to all of the different versions, terry+terry two sided, terry+flannel two sided, flannel+flannel two sided. I learned that flannel will really not get anything off a baby's bottom, and more importantly I realized I didn't like them in two layers at all. It was too thick to get in all those little baby crevices, and just kind of awkward to handle at all.

What I really wanted was just one layer of terry, but my machine doesn't serge, and the little edges would shed threads all over the boys' bottoms. It seemed silly and tedious to hem dozens of one layer wipes, and what they were was basically baby wash cloths anyway. So I went on line and ordered baby wash cloths. I could have gotten them at the store, but they weren't any cheaper, they came in small packages, and I got free shipping ordering them with some other things I was getting on Amazon.

So we fold them in half in our old wipes box (Parent's Choice from WalMart is my favorite box because the opening is really big).

As for wipes solution, I thought it seemed rather silly to pay as much as they all seem to cost, and most of the recipes included essential oils I would have to order online and pay for shipping. It didn't seem like it should have to be complicated at all. The simplest I saw was to add Witch Hazel to water, which would soothe baby's skin and keep the water from getting musty. We did that first, but I hate the smell. Then I read that your water won't get musty if you use boiled water. Perfect since there's always a little left on the stove from making tea or coffee anyway. I just pour 3/4" or so in the bottom, set the wipes in it and squish down to soak it up, then pour in more and flip them over. If a wipe is too wet, I wring it out.

We only wet as many at a time as we use in a couple of days anyway.

So it's that simple; baby wash cloths and plain water.

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