Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Covers on Hyena Cart

Here are a few covers I want to try:

I like the look of Monkey Bunns Pattern (long wings finally!), but she has very limited color selection and only white FOE. What do you think? They are 3 for $25.

Also Squeezie Cheeks make a couple of different patterns I would like to try in cute colors/patterns, and inserts to match. So these would be like all in twos, in popular patterns designed for chubby legged babies. If I like them I can buy the patterns myself. They have short tabs, which aren't as cute, but they are still supposed to fit chubby thighs.

I want a fatty cakes cover in chocolate with blue dots, and a la di da cover in lime. Prints are $12 and Solids are $10. Inserts are $6.75.

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