Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where I am right now. pt 1

So, I am obviously never going to be a consistently interesting blogger. I just don't have that much to say,and so I get busy and drop off for long periods. Sorry, this is my life.

So I just wanted to update you about what exciting hings are happening in my life/family/church.

Life- God has just been speaking to me so much lately. Not in clear things I can explain to you, for the most part, but giving me a hunger and filling it, in a way that hasn't happened in a while.Two main things;

I am so hungry to be a believing person. This is a phrase made up by a friend, Brian. His wife Hailey spent several months living in a 24/7 prayer community home. He will start a story by saying that the group is somewhat charismatic, but then correct himself by saying that they are believing people. They pray with boldness, confidence and power, believing that God not only can, but will, answer them. This is something I want so badly in my own life.

I have been convicted that my spirit does not show the truth of who God is. I believe in my head all of these things about his compassion, his joy, his extravagant care for people. Everyone we know says that when they visit our friend's Bill and Leslie's antique shop like they are the favorite customers. I want people to feel like that when they enter my home. I want to spend my day glorifying God, even if it's just to my one year old as I fold laundry. Bust so often I feel so tired and humdrum, or when people come over I am so shy and intimidated by them

Basically I try so hard to achieve these things, but seem to always fall short. At least I am making progress by believing that if I ask God to help me glorify him, he will do so.

Saturday morning I went to a worship service at the school, where a friend, Brooke Holloway, spoke on the Holy Spirit. And here all of the pieces started to come together. She read Acts 1:8, the focus verse for the weekend event she was preaching at, and then asked us to write down our experience of the Holy Spirit. I realized I know the Holy Spirit who is a comforter and a counselor, but I have never known the Holy Spirit who brings power. (note: I am not saying here that these are two different spirits, but rather using the word know in reference to personal acquaintance. I have not experienced the Holy Spirit who give us power to follow God's plan) I need his power to believe when I pray, and I need to be filled with his fruit to be able to pour it out on others.

Since I have been wanting a guided Bible study for a while, I am reading through the New Testament either acknowledging my experiences with a certain aspect of the Spirit of God, or praying to experience (know) him in this way. I would encourage you to join me. We can not be his witnesses until we are filled with his breath.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clothes, again

Today I want to suspend reality for a minute and talk about the things I would have to wear if we had the money or the time to sew.

At home:

First of all, I have been obsessed with these pajamas since Gabrielle posted about them on DesignMom. I want them in every color they come in. I have a pattern that I could make them with, but I never actually get around to sewing with Efrim under foot and the dishes and laundry constantly piling up. Either way I want about 4 outfits like this for wearing around the house.

Also these pants would be great for mixing with any shirt, especially with plain logo tees when I don't feel like looking so girly.

Delia*s has the best logo tees.

This one reminds me of my favorite shirt growing up. I don't really care anything about basketball, but the color is amazing.

Looking pretty:

I have to start with jeans. I have this determined plan to get in shape after Julian comes and I am going to reward myself with a pair of really sexy jeans. I'm not sure where they will come from, but I will look until I find them.

I like dresses. Pretty much any cute black dress will do, but I especially love this one from Victoria's Secret. They pretty much have the best knit dresses. Huge selection, reasonably priced.

I really want a Little Star Dress from Emersonmade too. Somewhat less affordable.

Lastly I love the look of v-tee and dirndl skirt in black and white (white tee/black skirt or black tee/black and white floral skirt) with bright jewelry and lady like shoes. so simple, so comfy, so classy.

A few more cute dresses:

My friend Hailey is the master of dresses and jeans. I can never make it look as cute as she does.