Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clothes, again

Today I want to suspend reality for a minute and talk about the things I would have to wear if we had the money or the time to sew.

At home:

First of all, I have been obsessed with these pajamas since Gabrielle posted about them on DesignMom. I want them in every color they come in. I have a pattern that I could make them with, but I never actually get around to sewing with Efrim under foot and the dishes and laundry constantly piling up. Either way I want about 4 outfits like this for wearing around the house.

Also these pants would be great for mixing with any shirt, especially with plain logo tees when I don't feel like looking so girly.

Delia*s has the best logo tees.

This one reminds me of my favorite shirt growing up. I don't really care anything about basketball, but the color is amazing.

Looking pretty:

I have to start with jeans. I have this determined plan to get in shape after Julian comes and I am going to reward myself with a pair of really sexy jeans. I'm not sure where they will come from, but I will look until I find them.

I like dresses. Pretty much any cute black dress will do, but I especially love this one from Victoria's Secret. They pretty much have the best knit dresses. Huge selection, reasonably priced.

I really want a Little Star Dress from Emersonmade too. Somewhat less affordable.

Lastly I love the look of v-tee and dirndl skirt in black and white (white tee/black skirt or black tee/black and white floral skirt) with bright jewelry and lady like shoes. so simple, so comfy, so classy.

A few more cute dresses:

My friend Hailey is the master of dresses and jeans. I can never make it look as cute as she does.

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