Friday, March 30, 2012

keeping me humble

I've been absentee on here for a while. There comes a point where enjoying the beautiful things in your life means you don't have time to write about them. The same goes for enduring the tragic.

However, as we do our best to reopen the shop, and build our business, after losing Lucy, I should be posting on here a little more regularly.

This is what's happening today:

When my boys break out in a rash, all it takes to start clearing it up is wearing disposable diapers for a while. This is infuriating. Both boys had rashes at bed time Wednesday. Yesterday morning, after sleeping in disposables, they woke up looking much better, so they wore cloth for the day, as usual, but by evening they were fried again.

Now, all the time on there are threads where a mom says she is using disposables for one reason or another, and the community tells her, don't feel guilty for using disposables, the whole point is to do what's best for your family and your baby, etc. But it's a lot different when it's you. It's different when you are always telling people how cloth is best. It's different when you are attempting to make a living based on the concept that cloth is best.

I feel like a hypocrite.

Now, I know that a lot of people use cloth because their baby breaks out every time they are in a disposable diaper. I know there are a lot of other reasons cloth is best. We use cloth all of the time, and only have rashes on occasion. We spend extra on special brands of disposables that don't have the bad chemicals in most disposables.

I know that I am not lying when I say cloth is best, but maybe God gave me the boys he did, who's bottoms heal when they are wearing disposable diapers, just to help me say that humbly, just so I'll leave room for everyone's individual situation when I do.


molly said...

sometimes it's good to be a little wrong, or at least not to be all right... I don't know if that makes sense. maybe it's just good to be reminded that there's rarely only two sides to a situation. I think most all of life is gray area and we all just have to do the best with what we've got.

Christina Gavenda said...

:) My diapers built up ammonia in them last year and it was MISERABLE. Every time I thought they were clean, I'd put them on my son and he'd have a burn rash again. I almost gave up. I bought cloth diapers with microfiber inserts and they're all way to hot to use in the summers. I think when they talk about the temperatures of cloth vs. disposables they can't be talking about microfiber with PUL VS. Disposables in the summer. He is much hotter. He has grown out of his cotton/bamboo fitteds and now I have 3 cotton fitteds from Green mountain or something that I like but are very big for my flip covers (which I love) SO we're back to disposables this summer and not the good kind. The Target off brand kind. I am due in Nov and (Lord willing) we will be cloth diapering him and my oldest again once it cools down a bit. Do you have any suggestions for what I stuff my pockets with?