Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes we do the wrong thing. Or we do something that turns out completely different than we intended or expected. Apparently many of my friends read my previous entry as saying that anyone who uses birth control is a bad person, or at least a bad Christian. I have felt sick at my stomach all day.

I feel like I have become my worst nightmare. My intention was not to be legalistic and judgmental. I have read Romans 14 countless times and believe with all my heart that God gives to different people to believe different ways, and anyone who acts on faith of what he has called them to do is pleasing to him.

Not for one second did I consider that any of my friends are being unfaithful because they are not doing as we have chosen to do, but my writing left room for little else. To make someone feel like I am condemning them for having a different opinion than mine is inexcusable. I can't say anything but that I am deeply sorry.

I wrote with the intention of illuminating what I feel is a key theme in scripture. I hoped my friends would be encouraged, as I have been, by what I can only see as God's best for us. If I made you feel anything but encouraged I must humbly ask your forgiveness.

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