Friday, January 16, 2009

Ate a Baby

So, RJ (my husband) and I are expecting a baby in September. It is kind of surreal right now. I have symptoms that match up with what I have read to expect, but nothing that screams BABY to me outside of this head knowledge. So basically everyone has found out before they were supposed to, and I am really excited in some ways, but I don't feel pregnant, and while I want to talk about it all the time, there is really not much to say at this point.

I feel like there is something more that I should be doing than writing up a meal plan and rearranging bedroom furniture. Mostly I feel fat, and very sleepy. Everyone keeps saying congratulations (one lady even told me "good job"), but I don't feel any different than before when I was just dreaming of having a baby. Suddenly nine months seems like such a long time until it will be real.

It's too early to buy stuff, too early to decorate, too early to make some sort of a list. Did anyone else feel like this when they were first pregnant?


rocketRefund said...

suddenly nine months seems like it can fly by too quickly! But I think i'm okay with it.

rocketRefund said...

Hystery said...

You know when a thing seems to both take forever and to be over all too soon? That's how all my pregnancies felt. And the first few months when I didn't look pregnant, well, often I didn't really feel pregnant either. Every once in awhile I'd think, "Oh yeah! That's right. I'm pregnant. Weird." It is surreal.