Monday, March 16, 2009

Confession: I am a terrible blogger

My second trimester started yesterday. We are one third of the way from "Let's take a chance" to "It's a ..." and I haven't blogged since the announcement. We are both working, and settling into a schedule. It seems like each semester it takes us 2 or 3 months to figure out the routine, and then it's over and we have to start again.

Baby is growing like crazy. I know this because even when Iam hungry i have no room for food, and my stomach is very sensitive to pressure. I keep forgetting NOT to lean up against bathroom cabinets to get a closer look at my make-up. ouch. I am mostly uncomfortable all over as my muscles stratch and move to make room for our baby dinosaur (this is what my tummy sounds like).

I have studied and learned so much, and should have been blogging it all, but I didn't. Maybe I can go back and cover some things. Having friends and a cousin who are great mothers has helped so much in knowing how to make a home for little one.

Today i will just post a few links that have been really helpful to me.

For godly mom advice:
particularly this post with links back to old posts. Jessica's writing has been so helpful to me as I prepared for this new part of our life over the last six months.

Old Navy has the cutest affordable (affordable as opposed to Isabella Oliver) maternity clothes, hands down. Gap has the cutest baby clothes, especially for us since we won't know Baby's gender until he or she arrives. Universal Wishlist has been my best friend. I can search all over the web to find what is best for Baby at the best prices, and save it all in one list. Also I can have several lists. I have Baby Essentials Registry, Baby Clothes, Stuff For Later, Books, and Mommy Clothes. It has helped me organize our spending, and gift lists so much better than I was able to do with my wedding registry.

Until I read this website, I really wanted to use cloth diapers, but had no idea where to start. It gives information about all the different kinds, and helped me to make an informed decision, and feel more confident about my ability to cloth diaper.

Last, but not least, Texas Midwives helped us to find a wonderful midwife. I had looked and looked and until I found this website I was desparing that we would ever find a midwife who would work in Brown County. Our Midwife, Betsy Robinett, also has a lot of usefule information on her website.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I will start explaining some of my choices and why I went with them.

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