Monday, October 17, 2011

Super Basic Cloth Wipes Tutorial

Just like my diaper routine, my wipes routine is very basic, so I thought I would share, just in case any one needs a little demystifying in this area.

I tried making two ply flannel and terry wipes like most cloth diapering websites sell for about $1 a piece, but they were too thick and bulky, and I never really liked them, so we went back to disposables, until we ran out one day and used a few of the boys cheaper wash rags, and they worked amazingly. So I got on Amazon, and searched "baby wash cloths." After comparing reviews and prices on several options, I went with Spa Silk brand, which are usually the first option to pop up. They are usually $6 for 10 wipes.

We like the Parent's Choice (WalMart brand) boxes best because the hole in the lid is big enough to get your whole hand in and pull out a cloth wipe.

Out of the wash I fold all of the wipes in half. We have aquired more and more because we use them for everything. 4 dozen or so is great, but you can get by with a lot less. You can stack the wipes in two boxes.

Then go to the sink and with the wipes set aside on the lid fill the box to just above the little line in the bottom, maybe 3/4" and push the wipes down on it, then pull them out and repeat, this time sitting the dry side downward. You will get the hang of how much water you need for different sized stacks of wipes. If you get the top and the bottom of the stack saturated the middle will be wet by the time you get to them.

I tried a couple of different solutions for the wipes, but in the end I didn't like leaving anything but water on the boys' clean bottoms, and we use them all before they can start to smell musty. If you go through them slower and they smell a little you can use boiled water to wet them instead of straight from the tap.

Just wet one box at a time and then when you run out switch to the other one. Having two boxes helps though if you don't wash your whole stash every time, so you have a place to stack clean dry ones when one box has wet ones still in it.

We just leave the wipes in the dirty diaper like you would with a disposable, and throw them in the wash with everything else. I find myself using clean ones for just about any mess. It is just so convenient to have a box of wet rags every where we go.

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