Tuesday, July 12, 2011

just pluggin' away

I am never very good at getting on here faithfully. Mostly I try to avoid the computer unless I am completely exhausted because it is so hard to get off once I have started. And if I am completely exhausted I don't have anything interesting to say.

Every day is different, will the boys sleep or not? when? I have a few orders here and there. usually a little project to work on every week. I really have a lot to finish today.

I think covers and flats are the key. I am so silly I really don't like making the other kinds of diapers, because I don't think they're as good. Every time I get my pattern where I think it will be just right and there is some problem or other. I just invent more work for myself remaking it over and over, but when I am done it will be a really superior diaper cover.one I thinkwill be worthy of making up someone's whole stash, although I will always love LaDiDa and AMPs also.

I keep trying to find the wool love, but I really like things to be simple. I can't get enthused about adding another type of system to our rotation, even though they are so cute. Maybe it has to do with not having found a fitted I just love, or really that I haven't found many that are affordable, and don't enjoy making them. I should just get better at pinning flats. The day after I sent off our snappi in a free for shipping lot, I visited my friend who was so genius with hers I am dying to buy some more.

So, I don't know if we're doing anything useful or incredible to the world, but we just keep going, doing the things we are doing. Maybe I'll help a few families love what cloth diapering means for them, like I love what it means for me. Maybe I can show a few people that while the things man comes up with to meet our needs will always fail, and our chasing after them is killing us, God's things are beautiful, and they bring life.

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