Friday, April 9, 2010

Efrim's Day,

I have not been posting lately, which anyone who reads this will have noticed. With various projects, fatigue, and morning sickness, blogging has gone on the back burner. Meanwhile We are FINALLY arriving at a steady (more than two days) routine with Efrim. So I thought I'd share with you what we've been doing instead of blogging.

9:00 am
Official first feeding. We are up with Efrim before this, but I try to start us out at the same time everyday.

Fix breakfast for RJ and I while He plays with Efrim in the floor, and checks in on his Tumblr.

RJ and I eat breakfast, and he leaves for work around 9:45.

Cereal for Efrim. He loves his oatmeal, and has started to sip from a bottle of very watered down juice as we go. It has been a long time coming to get him to take fluids from a bottle. He really needed more when he started solids, but was not having the whole bottle thing until the last week or so.

After eating Efrim plays in the floor some more, while I kind of take stock of the day, and get dressed if I don't need a shower. Sometimes he needs a little help, which involves a lot of cup stacking one my part, so he has something to knock over, and some singing.

Milk and a nap. This usually means a nap for mom too lately, but every other day I take a shower here. I am so sleepy all day! I take a nap, complete a task, and want to sleep again.

This is where he day gets unpredictable. From the first Efrim has resisted scheduling. Usually- hopefully- Efrim will sleep until 1:00. This sets him up for a pretty happy, agreeable day. If he won't you never know what the afternoon will hold. Yesterday Efrim woke up at noon, bright eyed and alert, but he was exhausted by 2. I put him down way early for his afternoon nap, and he slept 2 hours here, where he normally only sleeps one. He woke up at four when he normally would be going down.

In any case afternoons are very flexible. Efrim plays a lot, but sometimes needs a lot of attention too. He may sit in my lap and watch a movie with me.

He has milk at one, and normally some food at 2. The last few days he will only eat half a jar of food, and then wants more milk. Since I know that the nutrients in milk are still easier for his body to use, I let him tell me how much he needs. Normally milk feedings are two hours apart, so this could be at 3 or 4 depending on whether he needs more at lunch, and when he takes his nap.

I have been resting during his afternoon nap as well.

from 4-5:30 Efrim has to be pretty good at playing on his own since this is my time to do "If I don't get anything else done today I will..." Wednesday this was straightening up the living room, and making pizza crust, Yesterday I vacuumed and cleared the dish drainer. Today I will make the Pizza I was supposed to finish Wednesday no matter what. If the house falls down around me RJ will finally have his favorite dinner. I would also like to get some work done in the bedroom.

We've only lived here two months and already it is time to declutter.

RJ gets home at 5:30 and we go about the evening's plans, feeding Efrim every two hours. usually he gets more food at 7 and 8 is milk and bedtime.

He is waking up at 11 something, 3 something, and 7 something for milk. Usually he wakes up a few other times during the night,but RJ can get him back to sleep pretty easily. I dream of the day when he will stop waking in between feedings and then cut out the 3 o'clock. We prayed when we started this that we would not get pregnant until he slept through the night, but God chose otherwise. We ask for temporal physical things, and he gives us spiritual gifts by showing us that with him we can get by without them.

So that's what we've been up to. Trying to grow two babies and keep the house in one piece. I do a lot of running for tissues since the oak pollen is so high, and running to the bathroom since my bladder is so squished. Try to eat often so I don't have a meltdown.

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