Friday, April 30, 2010

We're still alive

I know it seems like I must have disappeared. I have had a harder time adjusting to this pregnancy than I did with Efrim. Throw in a record allergy season and you get the picture.

The weekend between RJ and I's birthdays I had a terrible asthma attack as the culmination of a week of increasingly terrible allergies. My doctor is in Abilene, which makes visits inconvenient as well as expensive. Foolishly I put them off if I am feeling well and then end up in the emergency room because I have no asthma prescriptions. This is what we did on April 16th. Fun huh?

The following week I was not only weak and battered feeling, but suffering from what I believed to be morning sickness. I turns out it was probably just an allergy to the hydrocodon I was given for my cough (when I don't take it, I don't throw up-magic!)

This week I am finally getting back into the swing of things. Still there are a lot of days where I get done the one chore that RJ requests of me, and then lay on the couch all day, and that is what I can do that day.

Aside from these distractions I must confess that I am not very good at spending a little time on the computer. One link leads to another for hours, and right now spending time with Efrim is more important. He is crawling and pulling up and has been getting in a lot of teeth, and every day his needs are different.

That said I will plan to post a few things every Friday, and maybe others if I think of them during the week. Efrim does nap for two hours every morning, and my chore for the day is not always one I have to get done while he's asleep.

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