Friday, April 29, 2011

Flat Love, who knew?

Where do I start?

Through all of the All-In-One/Pocket love out there I have been a stubborn prefold girl. I fail to see how they are more convenient. I stuff my pockets right out of the wash and I stuff my covers right out of the wash. Pockets are harder to stuff, and they can't be reused.

What finally inspired me to pack all of the prefolds into the closet? Some fancy, new-fangled, "convenient" diaper?

NO! It's flats!

I had wanted to try pinning, so I ordered some in a co op for a really good price, but when I got them I was still really terrible at pinning, so I just pad folded them the same way I just trifold prefolds instead of pinning them. And I fell in love!

They are so squishably soft on our babies' bottoms, not stiff and bulky like prefolds. They are so much trimmer too. They dry in no time, and are really cheap! They are cheaper than prefolds to begin with, but even more than that they are one size! I have never bought a prefold that I liked the size to begin with. I finally decided that I like them 14x14" from early infancy to potty learning,and so I made my trifolds that size. Do you know the size of a standard flat? 27x28"! Perfect.

So fold that baby in quarters and then trifold it like you would a prefold. (and by baby I mean the flat of course, you put the baby in the diaper the usual way.)

Get some organic Imagine's from Nicki's- For this price you can afford to go organic- and never look back!

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