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Just for a little more information on hybrids:

I calculated 6 covers, 24 cloth inserts, and half the disposable inserts for the three popular systems. If anyone knows any other systems with a disposable option let me know.

gDiapers (sized)
gPants $18 x 6 x 3 sizes = $324
4 x 6packs small gCloth x $24 each + 4 x 6packs medium/large gCloth x $30 each = $312
4 gRefills per day x 365 days x 2.5 years x .36c each = $1314
TOTAL = $1950

GroVia (one size)
Shells $17 x 6 = $96
12 2packs soakers x $17 each = $312
4 BioSoakers per day x 365 days x 2.5 years x .40c each = $1460
TOTAL = $1760

Flip System (one size)
Covers $14 x 6 = $84
4 x 3packs stay dry inserts @ $12 each + 4 x 3packs organic inserts @ $20 each = $128
4 disposable per day x 365 days x 2.5 years x .28c each = $1022
TOTAL = $1234

Now a few words:

I have yet to understand the benefit of having a disposable insert for your cloth diaper cover. Whoever is changing the diaper still has a wet cover to deal with, and the diaper instead of rolling up in velcro and throwing away dry on the outside is wet all over, and let me just say "biodegradable" or not, nothing is degrading in a closed landfill, especially in a plastic trash bag.

gDiaper inserts are also flushable or compostable. The other brands do not make this claim. While flushable seemed great to me at first, one of the complaints environmental experts have been making lately is increasing levels of toxicity in our sewer systems and water treatment facilities. Now waste and toilet paper have been made out of the same things for a really long time, so I don't think they are to blame. The origin has to be from chemical elements entering this environment, such as the newly popular flushable wet wipes for adults and the absorbent chemicals in flushable diapers. Composting might make this a little better than the other two inserts, but if it is toxic in the sewer, is it good for your veggies? I should also note that gPants do not work well for skinny babies, neither gCloth or gRefills are terribly absorbent, and the two piece shell concept drove me nuts.

I have not tried Grovia Shells or cotton soakers, after Flip I new I didn't care for a snap down rise. Their inserts do have gussets like a disposable diaper, which is nice for catching messes, but again these don't hold as much as a true disposable, or even a prefold.

Flip covers are good, though they run a bit big, and I am annoyed by snap down rises. They have been our work horse covers for about a year now. I am so glad thatI have found something better fitting in recent months, but they really aren't bad. That said, Flip disposable inserts are a joke. They are barely 4 inches wide, so poop will be every where and they are basically stiff paper, like a newspaper with pulpy bits inside. we got a pack for free when we spent fifty on covers and prefolds to start out, and we only used 2 or 3 before chucking them.

All of this said, if you are interested in some sort of compromise between the cloth and disposable worlds, I would recommend using the cover of your choice with gRefills and composting the wet ones, if you trust their testing that it is safe for vegetable gardens. Throw the dirty ones away or if your baby is really regular use cloth when you know they will poop, but since poop is the part most people hate, that's a little counter-intuitive.

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