Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I just found this website today in an article I almost didn't read, because it was just another lady explaining her own diapering method. The people who make Dappi Nylon Pants make a lot of other diapering products too. They are REALLY cheap and everyone gives good reviews. I will not be ordering anything right away since I have stuff coming in the mail from CottonBabies already, but when we do order something else we will go here. Check it out for yourself.

The best thing is their Newborn Comfy-fit Cloth Diapers. Like I said in the previous post, most cloth diapers do not fit newborns. Dappi Nylon Pants and Flip/Econobums Covers will fit a newborn, but the prefolds are too big, so most people use Kissaluvs fitteds* in a size 0. These are $12.95. For those of you with no diapering experience, a newborn can use 14 diapers in a day, so these are an enormous investment that you will only use for a few weeks. The Dappi Newborn Comfy-fit Cloth Diapers are a contour diaper*. They come in a two-pack for $2.50! This is unbelievable. You have to see the website for yourself to compare the other prices.

These products would have to be really terrible to make the savings not worth it, and I almost missed it, because I thought I knew what I needed to know already. I also learned from her that you can make doublers out of old microfleece blankets.

Lesson for the day: You always have more to learn.

*Contour Diapers are just shaped like a diaper instead of rectangular like a prefold, but are often still quite a lot more expensive. They save you the trouble of folding and are maybe less bulky, but that's about it. I feel like the extra layers of a folded diaper add absorbency. Most people who use contours also have to use doublers in every diaper. A Fitted Diaper is just a contour with elastic around the edge, and they run nearly as much as an All-In-One Diaper. All-In-One Diapers are just like a disposable made out of cloth, they are waterproof and have fasteners. Everything I read says that they have too many layers to wash and dry effectively and so don't last as long, as well as losing their waterproof-ness with machine drying. They can cost as much as $18 and you need as many as you would inserts which cost about $1 each of you use prefolds. This doesn't make sense to me. Once you are washing diapers anyway you are not really saving a lot of trouble by the fact that they are all one piece. Also Prefolds will fit a baby from 8-35 lbs. Contours, Fitteds, and All-In-Ones come in many sizes so you have to buy them over and over as baby grows.

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