Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Win!

I wear cardigans a lot, so it's important to have them to match things. I don't like to wear sleeveless or spaghetti strap dresses with out them, but I hate it when I look mismatched and thrown together, just wearing a neutral cardigan with an outfit that already has more than one solid colored piece. My main colored cardigan that I wear to things is fuschia, but I have cool colored outfits too and no cardigan to match.

Since I got pregnant I have been looking for a teal cardigan. I have an Old Navy card because it earns me rewards where I would normally get all of my clothes anyway. I looked and looked, and never found just the right cardigan for the right price, until the other day.

This image is tiny because it is now out of stock. Right as I went to order it yesterday Old Navy's website went on the fritz, and when it was working again, 15 minutes later, this cardigan was no longer available in this color. If you order with Old Navy or Gap you know this happens a lot. I also know that things frequently come back, but you have to act fast, so I have been checking back constantly. When I logged on half an hour ago, it was still gone. I gave up and started looking at Delia*s and other places online. Nothing Teal. Everything was about $40. So I come back to see if any mediocre cardigans are offered in this color, and what! One the sweater page, the main icon for the cocoon cardigan is once again "New Zealand" which is the name of this exact color. I click on it, and it is only available in a Medium. I added it to bag and clicked check out immediately, and HOORAY! It went through before that dreaded little note came up to tell me it was gone. Incidentally I also ordered it in "Goodnight Nora" and they will be shipped to me shortly!

I am smiling.

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