Friday, March 5, 2010

Mary Kay Love

I commented on my Traveling post how I don't actually own any of the things I "packed" in my imaginary suitcase. The exception to that rule, of course, is the Mary Kay.

Besides that Mary Kay has so many great products- which I have always known thanks to our first Mary Kay lady, Miss Sue, who lived across the street from my Granny as far back as I can remember- I have always loved to do things in the most orderly fashion. I love that one company has all of the beauty products I need, and I can get them all from my sweet "sister" Rebekah.

Rebekah will be the subject of my first blog interview post, this weekend, but for now I will answer the question I know is in all of your minds.

So what products are on my shelf? What beauty supplies can I not live without?

This is my wishlist:

I also like these Eye Colors. I can't ever decide about eyeshadow...

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