Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dedicating Efrim Celebration

I obviously can't post a lot of pictures yet since E's dedication hasn't happened yet, but I will let you know how things are developing.

First we decided to do this because we still hadn't had a dedication at our church, and I suddenly realized that a baby dedication didn't have to be just what people normally do. It could be whatever I wanted it to be because it's my baby. So I decided we would have a party and ask close family and friends to pray for him- like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty, but less creepy- but our family schedules are so crazy that that is about as far as I had gotten.

Then I finished The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood one morning and was totally inspired. I just love my southern heritage of hospitality and terrific backyard picnics. Also I love Fairy Godmothers.

I guess to fully understand you have to know what Godparents mean to me. Mostly they are someone who holds you accountable for the spiritual formation of your children. Molly already knows, as do most of our family, that we want her to take our children if anything happens. This is a lot to ask of a young woman who is not even married yet, but we know she will have lots of help. I have another category called Fairy Godparents, which to me means the other people who love you unconditionally and you can talk to them or go to them when you don't feel like you can go to your parents. Like it or not all kids need these. I wish we lived in a perfect world where kids could tell their parents everything, but even if there is not a barrier or problem, it is usually easier to talk to someone a little less invested in you, when you are having a hard time. So we want to ask Rebekah to be our childrens' Fairy Godmother along with Molly. They will be guests of honor at this shindig.

So it will be in my Granny's backyard the day before Easter. I figured it was a day most people had free, and we will be at my Granny's anyway. My Granny's house is just the place you go to to feel safe and loved and festive and to relish the wonderfulness of family.

Our theme will be simple cream with green E's. I have been collecting pictures of parties that inspired me for years, but my computer deleted them all a few months ago. We will have grilled chicken salad and french bread, and my mom is making an oatmeal cake with cream cheese icing. it will be simple and small and perfect and everything I love.

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