Thursday, March 4, 2010

my love/hate relationship with headbands

and thoughts on my hair in general....

though i try and try i can never quite figure out my hair. my mom the cosmetologist says it's great hair, still it never quite behaves as i would like. after trying a rather short style before i got pregnant with my son, my hair is finally getting longer, and i recently cut some deep tapered bangs.

i am pretty old fashioned and prefer updos (i have sensitive skin and wearing my hair down is always itchy), but with a lot of accesories. i love pretty hair flowers, and make my own. i bought some more flowers recently, and will show how i put them together soon.

I would like to learn how to fix it like this:

is that too crazy? i really don't mind looking like an old pentecostal lady.

so more to the point with headbands. i always buy them, thinking this is the one that will look like i want it to, and they never work.

i would love to try this style:

but i'm scared of the headband.

lately i have been really wanting one of these:

but will it work on me at all?

i even have a pattern

I look forward to the day when my hair is long enough again to braid wet out of the shower and just let it dry wavy. then i can just be like an old woman. but i may not be happy then either...

in the mean time do i perm it?

or just razor the ends to give it a better shape?

while your thinking about it, check out this awesome tutorial on how to make a perfect messy bun:

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