Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prayer Necklaces for PLC

A little over a month ago (or it may be two now) my amazing friend Mary Beth Vasquez, had an idea to make prayer necklaces (inspired by a rosary) to pray for our friends at the Preemptive Love Coalition. They would be a tool and a reminder for supporters, as well as another way to raise funds. Since I have been designing clothes an jewelry as long as I can remember, a design immediately popped into my head and I stole her idea and ran with it. I later asked her permission and she and my sisters are helping to plan this endeavor.

Each of the main color of beads on a necklace are divided into sections of 5 to remind you to pray for 1-The kids who need and are getting surgeries, 2-their families, 3-Preemptive Love workers, 4-the Doctors who perform the surgeries and follow up, and 5-the reconciliation of peoples and cultures. Each section also has a bead of another color which reminds you to pray for a specific aspect of PLC's mission. These themes were stolen from the T-Shirt designs on their website. Blue for Justice Restores, Red for Hope Transfusion, Green for Peacemaker, and Yellow for Heartmender. Then there will be a heart charm at the bottom of the dangle. Each would come with a card explaining how to use it.

We want to host parties where people make these necklaces, pray for PLC and make a donation exceeding the cost of supplies, to the Preemptive Love Coalition. It would be terrific for a church's Women's Ministry to do together. We would love to just buy everything and the participants not have to worry about the cost of supplies, but as two college students, a young professional, and two newlywed parents, we don't have the overhead.

Our first setback was finding the supplies at all. I looked at all of the craft stores in Abilene and on Etsy. All of these were hit or miss about getting what we wanted, most had limited colors and numbers, and were going to drive the expense way up. Finally I found Fusionbeads. They have everything we need at a reasonable price. Now we just have to get the funds to start with. Hopefully the ladies at our church will be willing to commit up front to the project and we can go ahead and order that small amount to run a trial party next month. If the party thing doesn't work out as a long term method, we may just make them and sell them.

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