Tuesday, March 9, 2010

trying new foods

Efrim is starting solid foods. He has been eating rice cereal for over a month and we started adding fruits and vegetables on his six month birthday, March 17. We were going to make our own, but we got on WIC to help with our normal grocery bill, and jarred baby food is free. It doesn't have preservatives or anything, so I'm fine with it. RJ is trying to figure out some craft to make with the jars.

First, carrots, which he thinks are great. Next, bananas, even better. We started giving him peas on Friday, not so much luck. We were going a week between adding new things, but I read somewhere that four days is good, which is a lot better. He hates peas. he makes gagging faces and then locks his lips and moans at us. This is not so unexpected. A lot of people don't like peas including RJ. I only bought 4 jars, so it's not a big waste if he never eats the second two (we only could force half a jar down him a day.)

So today we started applesauce. And he's not crazy about this either. APPLESAUCE? Who doesn't like applesauce? I bought lots, because I figured it would be a good staple through trying other things. He isn't so opposed as with the peas, but he's not really loving it either. He will open up wide, but makes a sour face and then grunts/growls as he swallows. Is he just not used to the sour flavor? Will he adjust? Is he going to be a picky eater? I thought that you could just make kids not be picky eaters, by feeding them lots of stuff and making them eat it, but I've been wrong about a lot. Molly and I eat nearly anything, and my cousins who don't are generally pretty spoiled. Does picky eating start with baby food?

I was also told that eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies while breast feeding a 3-5 month old would help them to like more foods. The people who I know who did this, their kids eat anything. So what happened? Why does Efrim not like Applesauce?

I worry too much.

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