Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why the Silence?

I've been a little busy being PREGNANT!

RJ and I are expecting Efrim's little sister (or brother) in November.

So in my early pregnancy exhaustion my priorities are shifting a little. If I only have so much energy in a day. I would rather spend it on the real house and the real baby and the real food than talking about them. Especially the baby, since I am a little down about having to share my time with him. He is so little to have to share mommy so soon. So my number one priority this pregnancy (besides surviving and getting a healthy baby at the end, of course) is to just pour my time into Efrim, enjoying every minute of him.

So here is what I have been spending my time on:

Getting Efrim's six month portraits taken by our friend Chris Taylor (if you live in Texas and need a photographer he is the best)

and also ordering prints of my favorite pictures I have of him thus far.

I have been keeping the mess in our house to a minimum, learning to make crock pot bread, planning a fundraiser for Preemptive Love Coalition, planning a very late dedication party for Efrim, making my Easter Dress, Having friends over for Spinach Alfredo Soup, and Explaining to all of my family why I am pregnant again. If you were doing all of these things would you have time to blog about them too? I'll work on it. (i.e. posts on fundraiser, dedication party, and spinach alfredo soup to follow.)

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